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Have a Gander at Chicago's Smallest Listed House

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It's no great surprise that Chicago's smallest for-sale single family home (for which square footage is supplied) hails from the far Northwest nabe of Dunning. Plenty of other contenders do as well. The area is characterized by small cottages, ranches, and bungalows. But this is a whole nother ball of wax. What you're looking at here, folks, is the size of a one-car garage, and, for richer effect, it's aligned with its neighbors' garages too. There's a deep front yard where you'd expect a larger house to be— an interesting inversion. The 1921 one-bed ranch comes in at a scant 440-square-feet, a 'starter' home through and through and smaller than most studio apartments. Looks like, with practice, you can twist and turn your way from room to room. At least you've got some solitude at such a setback. The ask? $49,600. Online offers via Fannie Mae Home Path only. The property last sold in 2003 for $155,000, which leads one to think another structure was involved. Bad news: while it's on Forest Preserve Avenue, it's not exactly near the forest.
·Listing: 7457 W Forest Preserve Ave. [Domain Realty]