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Ch-Ch-Changes: Land o' Mansions

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Big money's calling the shots in Lincoln Park. Surprised? Chicago Magazine's Dennis Rodkin brings word of the sale of a double lot on the 1900 block of North Burling in preparation for the construction of the latest multi-million dollar manse. What's a little cruddy about this deal is it necessitates the loss of two vintage apartment buildings (at right), and thus a dozen or more neighborhood residents. Rodkin notes that the blocks around Armitage, west of Halsted, have cleared space for other such endeavors in recent years, and luxury builders are back for more after a brief pause. BGD&C is building the mansion in question for a client who just paid $3.66M for the site. The client is after something in the 8,000-9,000 sf range, plausibly running $700-$800/ sq ft or around $6M. Set a course for more westerly nabes, fine renters, Lincoln Park's had its fill of you. [Deal Estate]