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435 North Park Drive: Details Details Details

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To update our coverage of 435 North Park Drive, Curbed attended last night's community meeting, hosted by SOAR. Here are some basic specs: The 53-story mixed-used building will be 590 feet tall. The lower floors will house 400 hotel rooms in what is planned to be a high-end hotel, possibly with a Four Diamond rating. Negotiations are currently underway to find a buyer that would own and operate it. In addition, the hotel will feature two restaurants and a rooftop bar. According to architect John Leahy of Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB), an overarching goal in designing the building was to create a dialogue between hotel activities and neighboring streets.

The residential portion of the building, accessible on Upper Water, will contain 34 apartment floors with a total of 398 units. Balconies are set into the facade and limited to four per floor. Residents will have multiple amenity floors, one of which will be shared with hotel guests. The building will be landscaped and finished on all sides, even the one facing the empty Hanover-owned site to the north. A 230-space parking garage is located below grade. Lastly, with respect to the green roofs, landscape architects have promised to include plants and other greenery, such as evergreens and birches, that will provide nearly year-long seasonal interest.

Before construction can begin, the site, which is contaminated with thorium, must undergo environmental remediation. That is expected to begin in June, with foundation work to follow as early as this fall. Delivery of units is planned for April 2015. We'll keep you posted.
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