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Eye Catcher at the Logan/Humboldt Border Asks $1.599M

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What to make of this oddball contempo on the Logan/Humboldt border? It's pretty interesting, well executed, but maybe not as coherent in vision as some other 'statement' homes. What do we mean by that? For starters, the exterior could have gone further in form and color. If you're gonna go for it, then go for it. While much of the interior benefits from large windows and high ceilings, those minuscule off-centered windows are cute but senseless. And the gaudy old world-styled kitchen doesn't compute. We do really like the furnishings and those hanging track lights, and the way the dining room rolls off the living room like a showcase. The stairs, second floor hall, and master suite are treats as well. We're thrown a little by the price: $1.599M for a 4/5 with 4,000-square-feet of living space on an undersized lot. That's $400/sf in a very modest part of town.
·Listing: 1856 N Fairfield Ave. [Prudential Rubloff]