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Heavy-Duty Concrete Loft in Locomobile Building Asks $499K

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We love seeing exposed concrete in a context other than parking garages. And this top-floor unit in Motor Row's awesome Locomobile Loft building has plenty of it. The Locomobile building, built in 1920, was more than a car dealership. It was an all-in-one manufacturer, seller, and distributor of vehicles. The structure was converted to residential use in 2004, according to Arch Daily, and the historical elements were blotted out by formulaic design choices. Thankfully, architecture firm Studio IDE was commissioned in 2010 to "create a new spatial identity", with pleasing results.

The featured unit is making another attempt at a sale after a three year hiatus. Asking $499K for 2,100-square-feet of finely sculpted living space, we'd be surprised if it had much trouble this time around. A touch of brokerbabble concludes it's the "closest thing to a New York loft this side of SoHo". We've certainly seen similar-looking SoHo buildings, but no one ever lets us inside. In another life, perhaps. To be sure, we've got loads of affection for this place. To go along with what are easily 14' ceilings, are tall panoramic windows, which serve to enlarge an already wide open living space. There's a huge semi-private roof deck and a large kitchen (though it feels a little stiff). And how often to you see a pitched concrete ceiling like the one in the bedroom loft space? Monthly assessments are $505. Tickle your fancy?
·Listing: 2000 S Michigan Ave #307 [Keller Williams]
·Locomobile Lofts/ Studio IDE [Arch Daily]