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Another Booth-Designed Home Returns to Market for $2.5M

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It's time to face facts, folks. Larry Booth builds very nice homes. And he's not pigeonholed into any one style or template. Today we're pleased to present the second Booth listing in once week (here's the other) for all you voyeuristic hounds. This one reminds us of his nearby "House of Light", on the market since April. They're even priced within $50K of one another. The obvious similarities end once you venture past the living space with its huge street-facing window wall. Built in 1978, five years prior to the more famous "House of Light", it lacks the drama imparted by the three-story open stairwell and skylight opening. But you can tell he was playing with such effects in this intense and wonderful five-bedroom home at 2210 N Cleveland Avenue. Hanging stairs feature prominently, as do the front and rear exposures, skylights, new kitchen, full-floor master suite, and outdoor spaces. And, of course, those ceilings soar!

The sellers paid $2.235M for the house back in August and made improvements that "enhanced the architectural integrity & efficiency of the house", according to the listing. So here they are now, hoping to flip it for a decent profit. They'll clear $265K if the price holds, minus renovation costs. Who's up next?
·Listing: 2210 N Cleveland Ave. [Koenig & Strey]