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The Five Least Expensive Properties for Sale in Bucktown

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For those who prefer the excitement and volatility of the Northwest Side, we bring to you a handful of cheap properties in Bucktown. Despite its late-stage gentrification and abundance of pricey single-families, the 'hood will have a number of sub-$200K condos on the market at any given time. Many are distressed or fully-foreclosed and many are converted lofts. One pretty cool housing characteristic is the random dispersion of loft buildings throughout the area's side streets. Hence, you can find a relatively cheap condo not pressed against elevated tracks or amidst chronically-snarled traffic. As always, our featured properties are active status.

5) 2346 W Palmer St. #2
Asking Price: $189,000
Size: one bed/one bath, 1,100 sf
The Skinny: In January, this was asking $253K as a non-distressed sale. Now it's 25% cheaper. A second floor condo in good condition, there's a nice new bathroom and attractive hardwoods. Near Western Ave but on a quiet street and close to Oakley Park's pool and ball fields.

4) 2019 N Leavitt St. #1
Asking Price: $174,900
Size: two beds/one bath
The Skinny: This one claims a good central location in the neighborhood. The only two-bed on the roster, the first-floor unit sports high-ish ceilings, hardwood floors, a new kitchen, and a rehabbed demeanor. The listing agent wants you to know that while it's technically on the first floor, it's eight steps up from the entrance. Which means only Yao Ming can break in. HOA: $219/month.

3) 2221 N Lister Ave #2H
Asking Price: $164,900
Size: one bed/one bath
The Skinny: Another recent foreclosure, we don't have a solid read on the square footage but it seems to have respectable loft dimensions. In an old timber loft building in a less-desirable quarter of the neighborhood (edging on Goose Island), the second-floor unit has a new paint job, hardwood floors and a fireplace. The kitchen is a little 'cozy' for our liking. Listing in November for $214,500, the ask has reduced 26%.

2) 1907 N Milwaukee Ave. #203
Asking Price: $139,000
Size: one bed/one bath
The Skinny: Yet another foreclosure, this loft's fixtures trump everything else seen today. There's exposed brick, an open kitchen, a fireplace, and a balcony. On Milwaukee near the Western Blue Line, it's mercifully on the far side of the street from the 'L' tracks. HOA: $221/month.

1) 2317 W Wolfram St. #513
Asking Price: $114,000
Size: one bed/one bath, 850 sf
The Skinny: This top-floor non-loft condo is a little distant from trendy Bucktown shopping. It almost makes up for it with proximity to the truncated and polluted vistas of the River Walk. And, of course, big box country is just beyond. The condo has a walk-in-closet off the bedroom, a sizable balcony, and a communal roof. HOA: $253/month.