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Forest Glen's Art Deco Conundrum Finally Sells for $420K

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This isn't our first visit to Forest Glen's 6911 N Wildwood Avenue. An art deco fetishist's bread and butter, this home's the funkiest thing by a mile in a neighborhood of traditional Tudors and Colonials. Maybe it was glaringly overpriced or maybe no one wanted to sign up to be the strange one on the block, because it took nearly two years and a total price reduction of $229K to sell. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home occupies a 45' x 165' lot, which is the norm for the area but seems extra enormous relative to the house's compact footprint. The interiors settle down a bit, but still reads pretty sculptural with some neato things like glass-block windows, a curvy staircase, and an enclosed roof terrace. The basement lounge has a fireplace and wet bar. But no matter, it won't be yours now anyway. The sale price? $420,000.
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