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Renovation Watch: The Wilson 'L'

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New details on the upcoming Wilson Red Line Station rehab have sprung forth from a recent 46th Ward Town Hall meeting. Ald. James Cappleman summarized the plan and its timetable for Uptown Update's readers, but we think the whole city deserves to know. Track replacement, platform extension, and station redesign won't begin in earnest until 2014, but other things are scheduled to go down soon at the station's periphery. That absurd little place called the Wilson Broadway Mall, recently gutted, will be demolished by the end of the year. Same goes for the long-scaffolded CTA carpenter's workshop, with its crumbling terra cotta facade. There's hope that some can be salvaged. Other encouraging bits: following rehab, the Purple Line will make a stop at Wilson; and, the ornate Gerber building will be a focus of preservation. [Uptown Update]