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An Awesome Custom Loft Handicapped by Location

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Here's an intriguing property with signs of misadventure. This 2,500-square-foot timber loft was built by its architect/owner in 2000 in an otherwise mundane building on an undesirable stretch of Ogden near the United Center. It was, of course, more desirable at the time. There are other, larger condo developments nearby but the area has a real problem attracting businesses. This property's market saga has spanned more than five years with gaps here and there. It finished a year-long market stint in February where it asked $565K with no price reductions. It re-listed just today for $555K. With not much give on price the owner might just be testing the waters. Whatever the case, this unit is worth scoping out and not just for its loud photographs of swimsuit models. You can disregard the grand piano too— it's not part of the deal. More profitable fixations might be the 12' timber ceilings, wet bar, jacuzzi, and roof deck complete with gazebo. As cool as this place is, it's probably got more distance to fall before it garners serious attention.
·Listing: 1650 W Ogden Ave #1 [Jameson Sotheby's]