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Renovation Watch: The Logan Theater

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In case you missed it (we almost did), The Logan Theater at 2646 N Milwaukee Avenue will reopen this weekend after closing last September for extensive renovations. Lauren Viera of Time Out Chicago took a walk-through earlier this month to check on the wares. Owner Mark Fishman seems to have brought The Logan's art deco splendor back to life after crumbling seats and decades of mistreatment and foolish modifications made movie-going a challenge. Now, you can't escape the classy character of the place and wouldn't want to. Even the toilets are worth appreciating. There's also a full bar connected to the theater with a license to serve well past the night's last screening, and seat-side cocktail holders encourage tipsy viewing. No longer a second-run theater, The Logan has nudged its ticket prices up to $7.00 ($5.50 for matinees), but not before Saturday's soft opening $1 movie deal. [Time Out Chicago]