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Two Juicy Avondale Parcels Pose Intriguing Possibilities

We have for you today a pair of buildable parcels in Avondale. On opposite sides of California Avenue, nearly aligned, one stretches for almost a block just North of the Kennedy overpass and is already subdivided and primed for development. It's zoned industrial with prior commercial use, but has the potential for low-rise multi-unit residential, single-family, retail, or office with a zoning change. The other parcel, considerably smaller and half the price, is an active gated surface lot just North of Wellington. It's zoned commercial (obviously) and presents similar possibilities. Both are corner properties close to highway and transit, both just came on the market under the same broker, and both are highly disruptive to the street fabric in their present incarnation.

Avondale's share of the California Avenue corridor has a range of housing stock (single-family, 3-flat, condominium, including some newish construction) and a smattering of restaurants, local shops, and one-story commercial buildings heading North to Belmont and beyond. It's a pretty cohesive stretch apart from the first couple blocks north of the highway— an all too common by-product of urban highways. On the one hand, the vacant lots and light commercial uses buffer the neighborhood from air and noise pollution. But conversely, they blight the stretch and render it threatening to pedestrians. 3001 N California has tried to sell a few times now going back to 2007, and, as far as we can tell, 2934-58 is a new listing. Curbed wants action. Now, damn it. The larger parcel measures 250' x 125' and is listed for $1,995,000. The smaller parcel is 157' x 125' and wants $979,000. Dear developers, whatever your motive, Please Build Here.
·Listing: 2934-58 N California Ave [Zillow]
·Listing: 3001 N California Ave [Zillow]