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Take Your Pick: Two 1880s Row Houses w/ Divergent Flavors

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This shouldn't be that hard a choice. Equally splendid, these homes appeal to very different tastes. While they may read alike on paper and to the casual passerby, one represents a meticulous restoration of vintage interiors and the other a thoroughly modern contortion. One can hardly call the later, in Lincoln Park, a 'sensitive' reno given its wholesale abandonment of 19th century architectural elements. But no expense was spared in reinventing a gorgeous and immensely comfortable space. The former, in the Jackson Historic District, is a preservationist's dream, but it's also not without some modern spoils (i.e. two decks, a sauna, and a newer kitchen).

The two are like quarreling siblings, evenly matched trait-for-trait. Both have high ceilings, libraries, four fireplaces, three-and-a-half bathrooms, and landscaped yards. One has an attached garden apartment, and the other had one until recently. The practical differences are in size and price. The Jackson home is much larger (5,000 sf) and considerably cheaper ($1.3M) than the Lincoln Park home (3,260 sf, $1.65M), for which price by square foot is double. But that's not too surprising.
·Listing: 855 W Webster Ave [Koenig & Strey]
·1505 W Jackson Blvd [Koenig & Strey]