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Larry Booth-Designed Row House Asks $1,799,000

Whether you're a devotee of the "Chicago Seven" architects or just don't want po-mo to end, buying this 1976 Larry Booth-designed home should accomplish something for you. Re-listed with Prudential Rubloff after a stint with @properties beginning last summer, the asking price on this 3/3 has reduced $151K to $1,799,000. This architecture is simplified and subdued when compared with Booth's 'House of Light' or this work in Old Town Triangle— but it's a job well done. Mirrors feature big here, the gridded variety, and they add a good flavor to the spaces without reading as gratuitous. The cramped stairwell and upstairs hallway benefit from the gash of sky pouring in. Most of the other spaces enjoy large windows. The property also counts a deck, balcony and award-winning gardens among its more striking features. Any takers?
·Listing: 65 W Schiller St. [Prudential Rubloff]