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DePaul Street Closure Ruffles Community's Feathers

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DePaul has floated plans to temporarily close Kenmore Avenue between Fullerton and Webster, with an eye toward making it permanent. The university had hoped to close the two block long section of Kenmore for the entire month of April, while studying its impacts on the surrounding area. If found to be minimal, officials would then seek to purchase the property from the city. This is all part of DePaul's Master Plan, which calls for a greener and more cohesive campus. According to an article from Inside Publications (no link), opposition was strong at a recent community meeting held by DePaul Executive Vice President Robert Kozoman, with residents lamenting the loss of parking spaces and added traffic pressure on nearby streets. Despite the criticism, Kozoman has opted to go forward with the temporary closure and promised to hold a future meeting to discuss additional concerns.
·Depaul to Study Traffic Patterns Related to Kenmore [LPCC]