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Hyde Park Greystone on Oversized Lot Asks $1,388,000

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It pained us to see this Hyde Park property listed a couple weeks ago with no interior photos. Sometimes that's just the hand you're dealt. Mercifully, it's been re-listed with a complete photographic work-up so now we can gab about it. An 1898 greystone in the best possible condition, the real marvel here is the extra lot's worth of landscaped yard in the middle of dense Hyde Park. The four- bed/two-and-a-half-bath home has a finished basement, attractive wood trim, original leaded glass, and a roof deck and second floor balcony in case you tire of terra firma. There's a big discrepancy in size between the bedrooms and common rooms—even the master bedroom is quite compact— but better that than the other way around. One thing worth pondering: the price per square foot is twice the neighborhood median for single family homes. How much is that wide yard really worth? Selling in 2007 for $1.1M, the new ask is $1.388M.
·Listing: 5323 S Greenwood Ave. [Urban Search]