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The Five Least Expensive Properties for Sale in Streeterville

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In our third installment of "least expensive properties", we're venturing over to Streeterville for some deal hunting. The warm weather had us bicycling by the other day and got us thinking a most original thought— wouldn't life be richer by the lake? Apparently, others are catching on. All kidding aside, you don't have to be loaded to own in Streeterville because not all buildings are created equal. Furthermore, for every penthouse on the market, there's a hundred studios and one-beds. With location as the great equalizer, we present you with five inexpensive neighborhood options, all active listings. With one exception they're downright tiny, so you'd better travel light.

5) 535 N Michigan Ave #714
Asking Price: $129,000
Size: studio
The Skinny: On Michigan Avenue, the western edge of the neighborhood, this north-facing seventh-floor studio is in a doorman building with substantial amenities, like a pool and sundeck. The worrisome aspect is size. There's no official measurement, but you're looking at well under 500 sf. Bonus: live within smelling distance of "the finest and best restaurants".

4) 260 E Chestnut St. #306
Asking Price: $125,000
Size: studio, 500 sf
The Skinny: A "spacious" 500-square-footer, this third-floor unit in a full-amenity building boasts "fabulous closet space" and "wood-like floors". And the lobby is a real looker. Hey, you gotta start somewhere. HOA: $279/mo. Parking is extra.

3) 253 E Delaware Pl Unit 22B
Asking Price: 121,900
Size: studio, 650 sf
The Skinny: Nestled in behind a pair of Mies buildings, just off the lake, this high-floor corner studio has respectable square footage, lake views, and lots of natural light. Amenity-wise, there's a party room and rooftop sundeck. This beefy number has just enough separation between kitchen and living space to register a total of three rooms! "Neutral decor" awaits an infusion of personality. HOA: $416/mo. Parking is extra.

2) 253 E Delaware Pl Unit 5H
Asking Price: $114,900
Size: studio, 600 sf
The Skinny: In the same building but cheaper still, this fifth-floor corner unit is slightly smaller. The listing also talks up a "neutral decor", but the sea green carpet makes that kinda hard to fathom. We suppose "neutral" is how you sell a place in Streeterville, though anything in this price bracket basically sells itself. HOA is $449/mo and parking will run you another $200, prompting the listing agent to give a shout-out to public transit. Hey, whatever it takes.

1) 1000 N Lake Shore Dr #803
Asking Price: $94,900
Size: one-bed/one-bath, 740 sf
The Skinny: The cheapest by a mile, this is actually the largest unit on our menu. The pics don't tell much of a story, but we at least know there's hardwood floors, a decent-looking kitchen and not-tiny windows (more than we can say for some of the other units). The building might be one of the cruddier ones to grace the lakefront, but at this price and location who's complaining? Oh wait, there is something to complain about—HOA dues run a hefty $636/mo.