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For $1.687M: A Big Home and a Hefty Chunk of Riverfront

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Does your love for water override your concern for river rats (giant, saber-toothed vermin also known as nutria)? Better make up your mind because you're not going to find many Chicago properties with 143' of private river frontage. Cue 2801 W Eastwood Avenue in Albany Park. The newish 5,127-square-foot home sits on a large triangular lot with roughly the area of three standard city lots. A large open yard runs to a stand of trees at the river and a private dock— perfect for sunbathing and fishing, just don't eat your catch. The four-bed, four-and-a-half bath stucco house has a wide open floor plan, a finished basement, a balcony, a couple of decks, and a couple of fireplaces. Not a bad place to hang your hat, assuming you've got $1.687M to spend (down $200K from October)! That's a lot for Albany Park by any measure, but waterfront properties have never played by the book.
·Listing: 2801 W Eastwood Ave. [Coldwell Banker]