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SCB's 435 North Park Drive Re-Renders but Not Much Changes

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Renewed renderings of the 55-story 435 North Park Drive were seized upon today by prolific urban development sleuth Spyguy of Skyscraper Page. The mild tweaking, from architect Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB), mainly serves aesthetics. Among the observable changes are: new peep holes in the midsection; better articulated balconies; new junk added to the top of the tower while the logo has been removed; and, a second green roof. Meanwhile, green tint has disappeared from the building's all-glass face. These minor treatments come a week in advance of an important community meeting. Unfortunately, they're not enough to help distance the building from at least two other SCB hotel/residential designs, 500 North Lake Shore Drive and the cancelled Mandarin Oriental. In need of more? Accompanying info can be found in last week's post. We can't wait to hear what SOAR says next.
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