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Driehaus Community Design Awards go to Purposeful Buildings

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Announced Wednesday as part of the 18th annual Chicago Neighborhood Development Awards, the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Award for Architectural Excellence in Community Design crowned the Roseland Senior Campus by Landon Bone Baker Architects as this year's winner. Also honored with second and third place finishes are Wheeler Kearns' Inspiration Kitchens on Lake Street in Garfield Park, and John Ronan's Gary Comer College Prep in Grand Crossing. The Driehaus awards, in their 15th year, exist to "recognize the importance of great architecture and craftsmanship to city life" and "to encourage tomorrow's builders to honor and emulate those architects and builders who made Chicago what it is today". All of the winning structures are new to their neighborhoods and serve low-to-middle income populations.

Roseland Senior Campus consists of three buildings on 3.5 acres and provides a total of 194 units of affordable supportive rental housing. Inspiration Kitchens has two locations that train and employ out of work and/or homeless individuals. Their restaurants use primarily local ingredients and harness the sun for part of their energy needs. Gary Comer College Prep, John Ronan's sleek new charter school, is a stylistic predecessor to his Poetry Foundation. Still adding grades, enrollment will top out at around 800 students in 2014. First place receives $15K, second $3K, and third $2K. Our heartfelt Congrats!
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