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Duplex in the Clouds Tempts with Marble, Mahogany

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We didn't care to muss up such fine interiors with our Photoshop foolery this time around. Better just to enjoy the view and register a more private shock at the deep price cut. How bad is it? For starters, this 2,268-square-foot 67th-floor Water Tower duplex has been unable to sell for four years and counting. It's with its fourth representative now in Sergio & Banks and asking price has fallen more than 28% from $2M to $1.488M. Last we checked, mahogany didn't ward off big spenders. Nor did marble floors or soaring ceilings or bejeweled bathrooms. $20K in taxes? Pish posh. Compare that with $165K for MJ's Highland Park Estate, although His Airness does have 25 times the square footage!
·Listing: 180 E Pearson St. #6706 [Sergio & Banks]