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Short Sale: Logan 4-bed on Double-Lot Reduces to $300K

Logan Square is big. Since the name has cachet, hearing it attached to a property sparks interest. But much of the 'hood is far from the train and the picturesque boulevards and trendy strips that stir appetite for the area. This listing, however, is right in the thick of things. A couple blocks west of the California Blue Line stop and just north of Palmer Square, this 4-bed/2-bath 1890 house has an extra lot all to itself. The large finished basement is entirely self-sustaining with bedroom, bathroom, and that amazing phenomenon known as a "bonus kitchen". Fairly high ceilings and fine hardwood floors characterize the first floor, and the roof's gentle contours mark the second. Basically, this home doesn't have a shabby bone in its body. Listing in September for $375K, a price chop earlier this week took it down to an even $300K.
·Listing: 3037 W Belden Ave. [@properties]