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Neighbor Beefs

This beef is a moral one, but it's also a simple zoning conflict in the small western suburb of Stone Park. The Sun-Times is reporting that the village with a seedy underbelly (gambling, prostitution, and organized crime) welcomed a new strip club, "Get It", without informing immediate neighbors— a Roman Catholic convent. The convent has one section of elderly and sick nuns, and another of novices. They're understandably freaked by the situation, since their sprawling gardens abut the new club. The order contends the new building is too close to their property line. The village only recently sparred with the club developer in court, who accused them of attempting a "shakedown" in exchange for rezoning. A settlement was reached, and the project subsequently coasted through. But now both the village and club owner may have to contend with a bunch of angry nuns. Said the owner, in anticipation of a legal fight, "It would give me so much wanted publicity... I have dreams like that." [Sun-Times]