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Morse Avenue Proposal Brings Respectful Density to the Strip

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The area surrounding the Morse CTA station in Rogers Park is already fairly dense, but it never hurts to see more transit-oriented development filling in the less-intensive sites along Morse, a busy avenue. That's what we've hauled before you today, courtesy of a friendly neighborhood tipster. Everyblock brings word of a construction permit just issued for the soon-to-be-empty site bordering the Mayne Stage theater. A demolition permit is active for the vacant 2-story restaurant building standing in the way.

Architect Z Feng & Co. is in charge of design and, along with the watercolor mock-up and side profile exhibited here, their site has hard evidence of a work in progress. The skinny five-story building mimics the classic art deco facade of the Mayne, before tapering off into standard-looking brick construction. It's a minor gesture from a minor project, but probably went a long way in winning it favor in the approval process. Works for us, anyway. According to the permit, the building will sport 12 units, 12 garage parking spaces, and first-floor commercial space. It appears most—if not all—residents will enjoy spacious balconies. The project's cost will be in the neighborhood of $2M. Expect to see demolition soon.
·Permit issued for new construction [Everyblock]
·Official Site: Z Feng Architect & Company