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Rogers Park Victorian Claims Catherine Touhy as First Owner

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The possibility that Catherine Rogers Touhy, daughter of settler/trader Philip Rogers, once held property on modern day Touhy Ave shouldn't strike anyone as odd. As for the listing's claim that Philip Rogers had some involvement with this 4-bed Queen Anne, at 1842 W Touhy, his death 40 years before the home's construction makes that rather unlikely. Abstractly speaking, Rogers indeed owned 1,600 acres upon which this house was built after the land's subdivision. According to the Rogers Park Historical Society, Catherine inherited half the acreage which her husband Patrick Touhy set about subdividing and developing. The listing references the property title, which has been reproduced at an illegible scale. Our online search failed to produce any reinforcement re: the title, and Patrick Touhy lived a couple blocks away at 7051 N Clark at the time of his death in 1911, so we're not even sure whether the Catherine Touhy-link is credible.

So what of the house then? Well for starters, the paint job isn't working wonders for its curb appeal. But the interiors really shine, with lots of fine oak, a cute tiled-kitchen, a beautiful staircase, and stained glass details. A wrap-around porch is something else to relish. Drawbacks? Not many, except for the purely decorative living room fireplace and unfinished basement. Get your wallets out, it just hit the market for $429K.
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·Entry: Patrick Leonard Touly [Rogers Park Historical Society]