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Confiscated Celebrity Real Estate

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Anyone remember Antoine Walker? That dude could play. But, alas, the former NBA star ran into debts and bankruptcy a couple years ago and wound up losing his self-built Tinley Park mansion in foreclosure. Dennis Rodkin took a tour of the property, which is being rehabbed and resold by big-time foreclosure flip artist Mack Companies. Their portfolio of foreclosures-turned rentals numbers more than 500 in the south suburbs. More recently, the company has gravitated to high-end foreclosure resale, and is enjoying success. Their current inventory of 10 listed homes are mostly in the realm of $300K, but this and one other clear a million. Having bought the place at auction for $750K and invested $600K in repairs, the company's asking $1.79M. Pretty sweet when you consider the 13,000 sf mansion cost Walker $4.1M to build. [Deal Estate]