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Adler-Designed Lincoln Park Penthouse Sells for $3.675M

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Know what's cool? An Adler-designed penthouse in a Rebori-designed building. Not so cool? It's off the market. Not that you didn't have your chances— this week's sale of the top-floor duplex penthouse at 2430 N Lakeview Ave concludes two-and-a-half years of tempestuous spells on the market, and an overall price reduction of more than $2 million. What started at $5.75M ended at $3.675M. Big hat tip to Bob Goldsborough of The Tribune for this great find. We hazard to guess that its celebrity connections put it on Elite Street's radar. That is, the seller is a man by the name of Jeffrey Jacobs, former long-time Oprah agent. According to Goldsborough, Jacobs and his wife are headed for beachy So-Cal.

A few words about the building, then a few about the unit: Built in 1927 by architects Rebori, Wentworth, Dewey & McCormick and inhabited by Andrew Rebori, the structure has a restrained Georgian Revival style. Its general sedateness is a product of the syndicate of conservative old-money residents that governed the buildings' construction, according to architecture and history blog Design Slinger. Experimental Rebori took a vacation. Interestingly, owners of individual units were given a chance to choose their own interior architect. This owner chose David Adler, and the luxurious results suit the building's refinement. The 4/5 penthouse measures 5,600 square feet and is riddled with extras, like the billiard room with vaulted ceilings (possibly the nicest room of all), exercise room, library, wet bar, and curvy grand staircase. There's a ton of vintage pine paneling, four fireplaces, skylights, and even a "bonus room", your repository of random amenities. We're guessing this isn't the kind of property that draws flippers, so don't hold your breath for its reemergence.
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