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Are You Cool Enough for this Ultra-Modern Wicker Home?

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This is not the kind of listing you throw on the back burner. Recipient of an expert 2010 rehab, the 4/4.5 Wicker Park single fam has four levels of living space, which spills out onto fantastic multi-level outdoor spaces with grass, shrubs, grill station, sun deck, and garden. Traversing the area must feel a little like traversing a fun house. Inside, the rooms unfold efficiently with a showy bent, but appear quite comfortable. There's definitely more hardwood on ceilings than floors. The gorgeous master bedroom makes the best use of this feature, with which the ring of high slit windows pairs perfectly. Certified a Chicago Green Home, the house adheres to a certain level of environmentally-sensitive design, as laid out in the program's certification guide. If being green ain't enough, it also qualifies as "smart" thanks to a built-in media system. Hat tip to Ben Clauss, once again, for furnishing the floorplan. New to market, the ask is $1.275M.
·Listing: 1512 N Bosworth Ave [Jameson Sotheby's]