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On the Block: Towering Queen Anne has a Discouraging Year

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In just eleven short months, this jumbo 1882 Queen Anne has sustained three traumatic price chops. While it may have been overreaching at $1.275M, we were surprised to see it's tumbled all way the down to $893K. Certainly one of Uptown's older homes, the 6,600 sf gem has undergone considerable internal upgrades. The rooms err on the large side, including all four bedrooms. The house just acquired a new roof, and boasts an elevator. Without doubt it was a real mansion in its day. The listing brags of its access to the Lakefront and Jewel-Osco, and we concur. In fact it might be a little too close to the Jewel. The loading bays are just behind the fenced-in backyard.
·Listing: 916 W Cullom Ave [Koenig & Strey]