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In the Wake of Big Navy Pier Visions, Local Antidotes Emerge

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We know this Navy Pier thing is starting to feel played out. But maybe that's because the designs we've seen haven't been all that sensitive to the casual needs of locals. At least that's what The Chicago Cultural Creatives Alliance (CCCA) would have you believe. Do the prevailing designs make too big a statement? Do they skew toward out-of-town perspectives and desires? The two loose concepts before you purport to transcend the tourist trap with a blend of facadectomy, new recreational space, and seasonal installation. Is this meaningful stuff, or just lazy rebuttal? You decide. A Statement of Purpose:

The Chicago Cultural Creatives Alliance, a group of ten core members who are active professionals in the architecture, fashion, media, music and arts industries in Chicago have worked together since the launch of the Pier scape RFP. Since the initial process seemed skewed toward large international firms with no local emotional connection to the Pier, we have taken a cathartic approach to voicing our research, ideas and opinions we have developed together by working with firms such as Moshe Safdie, Benedetta Tagliabue, David Woodhouse, Moffatt & Nichol and many other talented design minds across the globe over a period of several months.

[via YouTube]

·Official Site: Chicago Cultural Creatives Alliance