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Invest in Rooftop Farming

Wanna do something to support Food Citizenry here in Chicago? Consider donating to The Urban Canopy's Kickstarter campaign for a new and improved rooftop farm atop The Plant, our beloved South Side vertical farm and food business incubator. They're inching ever-closer to the $10K goal, but the deadline is just days away. The rooftop pilot project is spearheaded by Alex Poltorak, who draws inspiration from a deep concern for the gaping holes in food security faced by many poor Chicagoans. The farm had its inception last year, but hopes for a smoother and more productive run that would solidify it as an example for the broader community. The demonstration project will span 3,000 sf of roof and produce an estimated 2,700 lbs of produce in the coming season. [Kickstarter, The Plant]