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"As a member of one of the five finalist teams, I think it needs to be stated that there are plenty of local perspectives represented within the visions, both from local firms and from people such as myself who were born and raised in Chicago and are from "out-of-town" firms. While I have my personal opinion as to the virtues of the various schemes, I think that it's shortsighted to dismiss them as "insensitive" to local context and desires due to their international pedigree. Having been born and raised in Lincoln Park, I feel extremely fortunate to have contributed to this effort, along with other talented professionals from across the globe. If locals were the only one to design for other locals, we would be devoid of many a magnificent structure (the Guggenheim, for example, or the Flatiron Building, both in NYC and both from prominent Chicago architects), and Navy Pier deserves the best the city -- and the world -- can muster." —Anon [In the Wake of Big Navy Pier Visions, Local Antidotes Emerge]