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Over-the-Top Bucktown Bungalow lists for $1.08M

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First reaction: somebody got cute with windows on an otherwise mundane bungalow. Second reaction: hey, this place has 20' ceilings, a major addition, suspended rotating fireplace, and super-quirky bathrooms. What probably began as 1,500 square feet is now 3,400. An "architect's dream" though it may be, that's not to say the rest of you plebeians can't handle it. If all the floating, swooping elements start to cause a headache, creature comforts come to the rescue. We're talking about the spacious and social kitchen, the sauna/steam room, heated floors, grilling patio, and large garage-top deck. Listing yesterday, the initial ask is $1.08M.
·Listing: 1739 N Hoyne Ave [@properties]