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Targeting Sullivan Center

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Save the date: Target will open its flagship "CityTarget" State Street store July 29, reports Crain's. To be located in the historic Sullivan Center, the design points put forth in Thursday's meeting basically amount to a subdued version of their standardized store design. The entryway's ornate rotunda will house the dreaded Target logo, but set back three feet behind the glass. While the 124,000 sf store will be approximately the same size as their average suburban store, the shopping carts will be smaller, checkout will be pushed to the back, and there won't be any new parking. Also, instead of drenching the space in that oh-so-cheerful red, hues of white and gray will prevail. "There will be a clear distinction between old and new," architect Heather Sexton tells Crain's. "Everything new will be modern and clean and minimal, while the historical elements will be appropriately preserved." For comprehensive Tar-Jay coverage, head over to our sister site, Racked. [Crain's]