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Big 'Ol Stone House on Wooded South Side Lot asks $219K

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This enormous fixer-upper in the far southwest side 'hood of Morgan Park is almost as much porch as house, and that's saying something. Four enclosed porches skirt the stone behemoth, whose seven bedrooms and four baths fill the three-floors of living space. While the house certainly needs attention (see kitchen), it's being lived in, so you might not have to live in motel for a year while laying down the reno. Mostly, tastelessness prevails. But it ain't all bad: there's some interesting decorative stuff—however out of place—like the wallpapered ceiling with a hanging Gothic lantern. There's even a cute little matching stone garage. Mercifully, the listing agent didn't drop a 'TLC' into her description, because 'TLC' is the kiss of death. In most cases, it means 'practically uninhabitable'. New to market and asking $219K— pretty darn cheap for a quasi-mansion. Cash purchase only.
·Listing: 2120-26 W 116th St. [MetroPro]