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La Casa Dorm Tops Out, Will Open to 105 Students this Fall

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A few months ago we mentioned, in passing, the ongoing construction of an alternative community college dorm in Pilsen by the name La Casa. Since then, we've encountered an updated rendering (from SkyscraperPage user ardecila) and a flurry of new photos showing the building topped out at six stories. At the corner of 18th & Paulina, no more than 100 ft. from the 18th Street Pink Line Station, the project's unusual thrust is to supply affordable community-oriented dorm housing for young college-bound Latinos. Technically, the 105 slots are open to any city college kids, but practically, the dorm is aligned with local services and resources that best serve the Latino population.

Speaking to Joslin Woods of Medill Reports, Julio Guerrero of the non-profit Resurrection Project (which spearheaded the development), had this to say of its importance: "If you provide affordable housing with conducive learning environments and wrap around support services, you dramatically increase the likelihood of college success... If you are trying to study and have the TV on in the other room with your five brothers and sisters and your parents and everything else going on, it is not the most conducive learning environment that someone living on campus would have." Yeah, we've tried that. Not good. Pricing hasn't been determined, but will definitely be less than local campus housing and private apartments. In addition to the residences, there will be somewhere around 2,500 sf of ground-floor retail space. Construction is on track to finish this fall.
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