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When Where You Rent Trumps What You Rent

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Sure, the listed unit is sound and all, but rather than killing themselves in pursuit of the good shot, the listing agent and/or photog decided to make it all about the building. And location. Hence, the delirious portrait before you of The Chicagoan at 750 N Rush Street. With a little Photoshopping, the normally grayish building acquired a gold plating and a radioactive glow. Because it's in the Gold Coast. Get it? You'd expect this kind of treatment for something not yet built, not for an existing structure with real context and a reasonably luxurious demeanor. But we think it might actually work. By the time you've finished marveling at the building and been blindsided by all the 'hood's walkable amenities, you're half-way to forking over the rent. $2,400/mo, that is. Care to see unit photos? The listing carries a few.
·Listing: 750 N Rush St. #2BR [Zillow]