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Zooming in on Ashland & Division's Prospective Mid-Rise

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Come now, gaze upon these riveting close-ups of developer Rob Buono's 1601 W Division proposal, brought to our attention today by Skyscraper Page user George. These slide-show images give a far clearer picture of street level textures and geometry than anything previously available. We wonder if that creeping moss is a genuine hint of a green wall to come. As far as we know, the retailers portrayed are speculative. But we'll be looking into that. To refresh, the now 11-story conception will have 110+ rental units with ground-floor retail space. The project has worked its way up from a squat two-story structure thanks in large part to the conscientious and urbane members of the East Village Association, and the responsiveness of the developer. We're witnessing a rather rare productive partnership.
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