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What's Up With Bronzeville's Park Boulevard, Phase 2?

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Park Boulevard, the large mixed-income development built on the 33-acre site of the former Stateway Gardens, a demolished CHA high-rise complex, has been working on its phase 2 construction for several months now. An anonymous reader cruised by and snapped these pictures for us, showing a pair of 5-story rental buildings and some smaller 6-flats more than half-way to completion. The development, by Stateway Associates, will bring on board 128 units (29 market-rate, 35 affordable, and 46 CHA replacement units), according to the City's 2011 Affordable Housing progress report (PDF). The estimated cost is $41.9M, financed in large part by city loans, bonds, and tax credits. A grand total of 880 units are to be built on site, over three major phases. Phase one included some ownership units and about 17,000 sf of commercial space (now occupied by Starbucks, Jimmy Johns, and others). Occupancy is expected to begin in the late Spring or Summer. Good to see sensible transit-oriented development (Bronzeville Metra) on the former site of such glaring housing failures. Hopefully more services will fill in.
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