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Contender for City's Most Angular Home Asking $759K

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It's been a fruitless eight months on the market for this jangly Lake View contemporary home. The listing just rebooted under new representation, so we'll see what happens. You're liable to get cut by some of the more extreme angles here. From the sky, it looks like a crinkled can. In sought-after Southport Corridor, the home's immediate neighbors are, perhaps, not so sought after. We're referring to the parking lot and backsides of several Lincoln Avenue commercial buildings just opposite. If you can shrug that off, this ends up being a very good price for a lot of space in a fun piece of architecture. The four-bed/three-and-a-half-bath home has 3,800-square-feet of living space over three floors (including the finished basement). Baddest of all, each bedroom has its own sculptural deck, with a rooftop deck to boot. The master suite boasts a marble tub and a separate jacuzzi. We're also feeling the floating staircase and the rhomboid windows, a couple of glass block. A two-car garage is attached. Shooting for $800K, the ask is now $759K. That's just $200/sf, or half the zip code's median. There's one glaring concern: taxes run a hefty $19,297.
·Listing: 1523 W Barry Ave. [Jameson Sotheby's]