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Alessandra Branca-Designed Palmolive Unit Now Only $3.999M

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Perhaps you'll recall this astronomically-priced two-bed condo in the decadent Palmolive Building. We wrote about it in December 2010 as one of the the most expensive units by square foot in all of downtown Chicago. What gives it the right, you ask? An internationally-renowned Chicago-based designer by the name Alessandra Branca punched its ticket to excess. We must say, those interiors are spot on. In an interview with Elle, Branca offered up her design philosophy:

Objects shouldn’t be an affectation. They should be in a room because you take pleasure each time you use them. A great lamp makes switching it on a richer experience. If you don’t love your things, it’s much better to live in a white box. If you seize on this lesson, friends, you stand to save the $3.999M to have Branca do it for you. If you insist this is your joint, take solace in the $500K discount over the initial ask. And if you're at a complete loss, better make peace with that white box.
·Listing: 159 E Walton St. Unit 7D [Baird & Warner]
·A 2BD in the Palmolive Building Designed by Alessandra Branca [Curbed]