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For $299K: A Mostly-Gutted 1882 Row House on Jackson Blvd

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For those with time, money, and a love of blank canvases, we give you this 3/3 row house in the West Jackson Historic District. Just listed for $299K, this mostly-gutted 130-year-old house is pretty featureless at the moment, except for the vintage staircase, fireplaces, and hardwood floors already in place. Beyond the camera's scope lie skylights, a vaulted ceiling, and a 2-car garage. While quite narrow, the three floors of living space total a healthy 2,365-square-feet. And with basement development, you could tack on another considerable chunk (albeit with low, low ceilings). But what of the glaring price differential between 2008 and today? Frances Buerman, managing broker of Sweetlife Properties, tells us that the property was foreclosed on mid-rehab, bought for a low price at auction, and re-listed in its unfinished state. She estimates a further $100-150K rehab will render the home habitable. With emphasis on recent neighboring sales in the high six-figures, the opportunity for a big return is quite present.
·Listing: 1533 W Jackson Blvd. [Sweetlife Properties]