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Mansion with Attic Basketball Court Sells for 46% of '06 Ask

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When Deal Estate says you've got a big deal, you can bet on it. This voluptuous Winnetka manor on two acres overlooking the Indian Hill Country Club sold last week for $4.4M, down from $9.5M in 2006 after years of fits and starts on the market. Dennis Rodkin reports there's only been three owners in the mansion's 84-year existence, according to county deeds, and the most recent owners built a three story addition to the backside, added the awesomely odd attic basketball court, and generally improved upon older spaces. Although they bought the property for just $2.4M in 1995, they must have figured the market would reward them better than it did. The stately high-ceilinged common rooms are topped only by the master bedroom's 30' ceilings in the new addition. The sculptural lawns and gardens envelop a coach house/garage— a respectable structure in its own right. Other delicacies include the pool room and library. Designed by Edwin Clark (whose credits include Winnetka Village Hall, Lincoln Park Administrative Bulding, and several prominent Winnetka homes) for bank lawyer John Nash Ott, we're thinking the new owner(s) are happy campers right about now.
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