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Maher-Designed Manse Sells for $4.625M after 4+ Years

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John Lewis Cochran, builder of mansions and instrumental in the development of then-suburban Edgewater, took the time to build a mansion for himself in 1895 with architect George Washington Maher. The awesome piece of property that is 1521 N State Pkwy recently sold for $4.625M, down from its 2007 high of $5.9M. Time has been kind to the 6/6.5 mansion, which retains much of its original woodwork, leaded windows, and stone and plaster ornament. Even with numerous owners, subdivision, and the return to single family, not too much strife befell the building. There is a need for renovation, according to the listing. The home has views of the huge Queen Anne-style Cardinal's Mansion and Lincoln Park. Here's a cute bit 'o trivia: The Tribune's Bob Goldsborough reminds that the mansion's facade made an appearance in the Mel Gibson-Helen Hunt flick What Women Want. Remember Mel Gibson?
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