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Mouthwatering Manchester Building Penthouse Asks $787K

Maybe someday, in a distant egalitarian future, all the world's multi-unit building dwellers will enjoy outdoor space roughly equivalent to indoor. 1,350-square-foot private roof decks will be routine. Until that day arrives, we'll have to defer to appetite. Here then, to appease grumbling bellies, a 3/2 penthouse unit in Bucktown's Manchester Loft Building. Along with the aforementioned roof deck, this pristine loft has 12' ceilings, skylights, a pair of fireplaces, exposed brick, and timber beams. At the roof level, a large sun room/greenhouse beckons come winter. According to the listing, this was recently home to a prior Art Institute president who, along with the present "perfectionist" builder/owner, lifted its condition up to the level you see before you. The ask? $787K. Wanna see it in the flesh? There's a pair of open houses this Sunday and Tuesday, 12-2 and 10-12 respectively.
·Listing: 2035 W Charleston St. #403 [Koenig & Strey]