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Remote-Controlled "Smart" Greystone Can't Land a Buyer

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This place is dynamite. But it may have overreached for North Kenwood, first asking $1.1M in the Spring of 2009. A clumsy couple of years of price chops with numerous re-listings under shifting representation has brought the price all the way down to $599K! We wish we could take credit for the angelic painted sky, but Curbed's not the only one getting cute with Photoshop. The five-bed, 3,800-square-foot "smart" Greystone has an electric system, security, zoned HVAC, and audio-visual built-ins that all respond to wireless commands. Behind these bells and whistles is an immaculately restored 19th century gem. Here's our abridged rundown: Hardwood floors; pocket and panel doors; custom ceiling molding; and lots of other original woodwork. But the home theater puts forth the loudest bravado with its retractable 96" movie screen and seating for six. North Kenwood isn't all that bad, to be sure. There's a nearby pedestrian bridge to the lake, and you can count historic mansions and Greystones as neighbors. Problem is, the 4200 block of Drexel has a number of vacant lots, as does the 4300 block. There's no cohesion until about the 4500 block. That being said, attention is just what this area needs.
·Listing: 4240 S Drexel Blvd [Luxe Marketing and Sales]