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A Modest Abode in Far Out Garfield Ridge with a Far Out Bar

Zillow has a cute feature that, theoretically at least, gives the buying community a sporting chance at landing an off-market property. "Make-me-move"-designated property listings are owner-held, free to post, and often predicated on someone really, really, really wanting a property and willing to pay a premium for the privilege. But in the end, it's just an adventure— doesn't matter if there's a sale or not. There's usually not much to mine, but today Curbed stumbled upon this humble home with a totally bitchin' bar, and an ask inching toward reasonable territory. The owners claim four levels of living, with much of it below ground. Totaling 2,500 sf with three bedrooms and three baths, the main floor boasts cathedral ceilings and living room mirror ceilings. Off in the corner of the living room (on Frank Sinatra Street), a glass-block bar with a red candy-glow shimmers and sparkles under those mirrors. Makes us wonder how many other faceless homes at the city's edge have such hidden marvels. Located west of Midway in Garfield Ridge, this isn't the most urbane of 'hoods, and the price might still need to come down another $50-100K before it gets bites, but with several years already logged on Zillow, the owners don't appear to be in any great rush. Asking $389K.
·Listing: 5545 S Newland Ave. [Zillow]