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1885 Workers Cottage Sells for Just Over Half its '04 Price

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Now don't go getting it in your head that this is in the heart of happenin' West Town. More like West Town meets Humboldt. By the community area conception, West Town is quite big. But this is still a decently-situated property, just off Division one block west of Western. You have to cross that void known as St. Mary of Nazareth Hospital to get to most Wicker/West Town libations, but the new owner of this 2/2.5 one-and-a-half-story workers cottage no doubt saw an advantage in the far side of Western— far lower prices. Hard to argue. The place sold for $275K after listing in the fall for $360K (its previous '04 sale was for $500K). A handsome devil to be sure, the house dates to 1885. With a finished basement, it has enough space and natural segregation for an in-law unit if so compelled desired. We like the color choices— they have a richness that suits the earthy brick and hardwoods. Sold "as is", it doesn't have any visible issues at least. We congratulate you, Mystery Buyer. A good snag!
·Listing: 1222 N Artesian Ave. [Chicago Realty Partners]