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Kenilworth House with claims to Daniel Burnham lists for $3.4M

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Curbed wants to believe this is a Daniel Burnham-designed property. We just have yet to verify it. Our cause for suspicion? The Kenilworth Historic Society, the Tribune, and others acknowledge just two Daniel Burnham projects in Kenilworth: The Skiff Home and the Root-Badger Home. Franklin P. Burnham designed several homes in Joseph Sears' Kenilworth, England-modeled lakeside village, one of Chicagoland's richest areas. Perhaps we've got a case of mistaken identity? If anyone has the definitive word, we'd love you to share it with us. Either way, this 1896 five-bed Queen Anne has a worthy legacy. Intricate plaster moldings, exterior friezes, and a master bath with stenciled window designs are nothing to scoff at. There's rec space in the basement and an office in the attic. The large lot also boasts a finely restored new coach house/garage. New-to-market, the ask is $3.4M.
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