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A Lot Going Down (Or Should We Say Up?) at 1225 Old Town

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Don't let the ample sun and clear blue skies fool you, it was downright cold when we dropped by the Hartshorne Plunkard-designed 1225 Old Town last weekend to grab some pics. A lot has transpired since our last visit in late September. The concrete structure has topped out, reaching its final height of 16 floors. Glass installation is nearing completion, with only a few floors left to go. We're fond of how the blue glass is turning out in the central portion of the building. It will definitely help break up the monotony of the main facade. The old Grossinger Cadillac terra-cotta facade, which will be incorporated into the retail portion of the building, still awaits its refurbishment. Promised amenities at the 250-unit development include a rooftop deck with pool, outdoor space for pets, and a hi-def theater room. Enjoy the pics!
·Lots of Progress Made at 1225 Old Town [Curbed Chicago]
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·Architect: Hartshorne Plunkard